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Principia CrossFit

Established in 2017, Principia CrossFit is one of the fastest growing CrossFit gyms in Boise and Meridian. In 2019, Principia CrossFit became a finalist in the Best of Treasure Valley, earning Principia CrossFit the title of The Best CrossFit Gym in the Treasure Valley. Our motto, “An Object In Motion…” lays out our goal: we work to help people increase their functional movement so that they can continue to move throughout their lifetime.




Josh C

I have been crossfitting for 4 years now and recently found Principia Crossfit after relocating to Boise. The programming is similar to what I’m used to; a good warm up targeting what muscles we will use that day, usually an Olympic lift (or other strength exercise) some kind of development movement, and then a met-con. What I am blown away by is how knowledgeable Mitch (owner/coach) is. If I need to scale a movement he will show me at least 3 different ways to scale the movement. If something hurts he will set me up with a stretch immediately. If I need nutrition help, he takes time to sit and discuss. He endlessly goes above and beyond to help me hit my goals and he never loses his faith in me.

Valerie Grizzle

I love this place! The programming has taken me to a whole new level of fitness. I love the energy from the coaching staff as well as the people working out with me.


If you are looking for something different in the new year give Principia Cross fit a try. Mitch is one of the best coaches I ever met. Do not worry if you are not in shape every work out can be scaled to your fitness level. You will see changes in your fitness in two weeks or less. Principia has great members you will feel welcome here.

Jacob Sam

Great Place! The coaching staff are very knowledgeable and focus on form/safety. I’ve already improved in many different categories like mobility, strength, form and endurance. The people and the vibe of Principia is great. I love the competition and the camaraderie amongst the other people. Mitch Iverson is awesome; he goes as far as to organize friendly after work fun stuff, to include, family friendly events. Principia is definitely the gym for me.

Jonathan Sorenson

Seriously a great place to change your life! This is a box with a coach that truly knows what he is doing. They will help motivate you towards your goals and not let you fail. If you want a box that cares, look no further. I would highly recommend this place. Just talk to Mitch and change your life.

Jason Wendland

I have been doing Crossfit for 6 years and have been to many different gyms in my travels as a sales rep. Mitch has a unique and personal approach to help you set your own goals and stay accountable. The exercise programming is top notch and having dealt with some athletic injuries outside of the gym Mitch is able to scale movements to my abilities so I can get the benefits of exercise and avoid re-injury. The support the community of members provide to each other is invaluable and the camaraderie of working hard and sometimes suffering together motivates you to get out of bed and get to the gym even when you don’t feel like it. Great coaching, athletic programming, and community support. Come join the family.

Kylene Collette

If you are on the fence about joining a crossfit gym- try Principia once and you will definitely be back. Mitch is a fantastic coach and the whole place just has such a great vibe. You will get a great workout- whether you are a serious fitness fanatic, or like me, just looking for a fun way to stay active. This is seriously the first time I have done any kind of fitness class where I am not counting down until the hour is done. This is an inclusive, supportive environment where I think anyone would feel welcome.

Amanda Culp

This place is THE place to be for self-improvement on all levels. Mitch takes a holistic look at things – even offering to look at your food logs! Becoming a member of this gym is an investment in your healthy future. The workouts here are scale-able to all levels and you will see results. No mirrors means no judgement like a big box gym. The workout is handed to you on a silver platter – no wondering aimlessly through a gym surrounded by equipment you don’t know how to use! You are strictly focused on creating results for yourself.

Jerry Luther

One of the best Crossfit gyms in Boise. I couldn’t ask for more from the coaches.

Kelsey Nitu

Principia CrossFit is a very welcoming gym that provides a fun and energetic atmosphere. Coach Mitch is very knowledgeable, and will provide a variety of ways to perform EVERY excercise. He gives his fullest attention to each member, and that individualistic approach is what sets Principia CrossFit apart from other local CrossFit gyms. I would definitely recommend you give it a try!!

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