"I no longer have to have the pain of my elbow keep me from doing the things I love!"


Prior to joining Principa, I had suffered from extreme pain and limited mobility due to Tennis Elbow.  I had been working with an orthopedic sports medicine doctor and tried steroid shots, physical therapy, and was considering an outpatient surgery to ease the pain and allow full use and movement of my arm.  Some days I couldn’t even pick up a cup, let alone a barbell.  After explaining my injury to Mitch, he worked with me on a series of stretches using compression to decrease the pain and improve the mobility and function of my elbow.  After doing to stretches consistently for about 4 weeks, the pain was gone, and I had a fully functioning elbow/arm.  I cannot thank Mitch enough for taking the time to work with me and getting me back to doing all things love.”

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