The Benefits of One on One Training

One on one training will get you there, faster.   Did you just roll your eyes? Maybe think “pfft I don’t need one-on-one training. I’m not a beginner.”⁠  I hate to break it to ya, but that thought process is going to hold you back from some major gains.⁠  One on one training is THE fastest way to get you to your goals, and it’s not just for beginners to fitness.⁠

Do you think the best in the world got to be that way on their own? Hell no! They got some serious help from a (or many) trained eye(s), people who know their shit, people who can see below the surface and don’t settle for “good enough.”⁠

And if you’re thinking “actually… so-and-so did this amazing task all on their own… blah blah blah.” STOP IT.⁠  Maybe .1% of the top 1% of humans can do it. Do you think you’re that? Us neither. No shame, let’s just be real.⁠  If the Tia’s and the Mat’s and the Katrin’s and the Rich’s of the CrossFit scene all have one-on-one coaching, then you can bet one-on-one coaching can help you, too.⁠

What do you get from one-on-one training?  Better.  Faster.  Safer.  Stronger.


Better Programming: 

When you’re working with a trainer one-on-one, it’s not the group’s needs that determine the programming, it’s YOU:  your goals, your body, your likes and dislikes.  Instead of doing a cookie cutter program day after day, you get something tailor made for you and you alone.  Want an eye-poppin booty, a faster 5k mile time, AND a ring muscle up?  The class program might get you there in a few years time… but if you’re not willing to gamble on your goals, you should get yourself something that intentionally programs for your goals.  With one-on-one training, your coach programs each and every day of workouts specifically to get you to your goals as efficiently as possible. Which means…


Faster Progress: 

Instead of years of workouts to maybe reach your goals, you’ve got a coach dedicated to your success.  They know the science behind each sweat session they create for you to make sure that each and every workout pushes you closer to what matters most.  And the moment a plateau peeks it’s frustratingly ugly head around a corner, your coach is there to whack-a-mole that sucka outta sight!  Your coach has all eyes on you and can pivot the moment progress begins to slow, ensuring you’re always hurtling towards the target.  But it’s not just the speed of progress that matters; it’s also…


Safer Practices: 

A lot of nasty movement patterns can pop up without the right focus, leading to pain and injury down the road.  No one wants to get hurt.  No one wants to be forced to say NO to exciting opportunities because your body just can’t take any more abuse.  So don’t let it get that way.  With one-on-one training, your coach is there to make sure you’re moving like a jacked panther every single day.  Moving with perfect form and developing your subconscious strength in the gym will help you stay safe outside of the gym when you don’t have your coach’s cues to keep you in line.


Stronger Commitment: 

Making lasting change is hard.  Life gets busy, and more often than not, you may be tempted to put yourself on the back burner.  In the group setting, it is easy to let yourself fade away from your commitments, but with a one-on-one trainer, you’ve got someone to hold you accountable, even when you’re not feelin’ it.  Accountability might mean you go to the gym when you’d rather let your inner couch potato take the wheel.  In the moment, putting on your gym shoes might not feel as rewarding as plopping down for an evening of Netflix, but that moment will pass.  A month from now, you won’t miss all the hours that could have been spent on the couch because you’ll be too busy living the bad ass life of your dreams. One on one training keeps your eyes on the long term prize without getting sidetracked by every distraction along the way.


Any pursuit of health is good in our books.  Going for a walk trumps sitting at home.  Doing 20 air squats is better than none.  And if you’re consistently going to group fitness classes, that’s great.  You’re already lapping a huge portion of our population.  But if you’re tired of coasting by with little gains here and there, and you want to level up your fitness, one on one coaching is where it’s at.⁠

2 Replies to “The Benefits of One on One Training”

  1. Thanks for such an edifying write-up about one-to-one coaching, a topic which isn’t discussed in detail generally.

    While training in a group, it’s a common observation that all of the participants aren’t at the same level and trainers don’t have sufficient time to give proper time to every individual. It’s nothing against the trainers, rather, it’s about human limitation as one set of eyes can’t monitor the body movements of 10 trainees at the same time.

    Self-training doesn’t help either as you need a set of eyes to ensure that you are doing it right. Especially in later reps of an exercise, you may lose shape but still feel that the goal is achieved as you’ve completed the targeted number of reps. 1-on-1 training helps both ways; it gives a reality check and provides motivation. Your coach shares the same commitment as you with complete focus resulting in faster progress.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! One on one training sometimes gets a bad wrap, especially in the CrossFit community. But it has SOOOO much to offer individuals, from the beginner to the advanced athlete. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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